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Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearing Supplier in Karachi

Spherical Roller Bearings two-row ( double-row) self aligning roller bearings. Their spherical shaped race-way of rollers on both sides help spherical roller bearing to adjust and bear small misalignment. They have ability to bear axial loads on both directions. They are useful in places where radial load is heavier. Spherical roller bearings are usually low in speed as compare to deep groove ball bearings.

Normally size range of spherical roller bearings start from inner dia of 14mm to mighty bearing sizes like 1320mm inner dia. Seires range of spherical roller bearings are 22200,22300,23000,23100,23200,24000,24100 and various inch and mm sizes.

Famous brands of Spherical roller bearings are SKF, FAG, NSK, NTN, KOYO, ZWZ, TIMKEN, RHP, DYZV, UT, MPZ, GPZ and so on. These are based on different origins like, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Poland and China.

In Karachi, Pakistan, Universal Trading Co is one of the best supplier of Spherical Roller Bearings in various brands.

Universal Trading Co deals in following bearing numbers of spherical roller bearings.

Spherical roller bearings are available in brass cage (MB), CC cage. CA cage. Many numbers are available with K bore with adapter and withdrawal sleeves. With C0, C2 and C3 clearance requirements.

2130420 mm52.000 mm15 mm30500 N30500 N
2130525 mm62 mm17 mm41400 N41500 N
2130630 mm72 mm19 mm5520 N81000 N
2130735 mm80.000 mm21 mm65600 N72000 N
2130840 mm90 mm23 mm82800 N98000 N
21309 E45 mm100 mm25 mm134000 N137000 N
21310 E50 mm110.000 mm27 mm163000 N173000 N
21311 E55 mm120 mm29 mm163000 N173000 N
21312 E60 mm130.000 mm31 mm212000 N240000 N
21313 E65.000 mm140.000 mm33 mm236000 N270000 N
21314 E70.000 mm150.000 mm35 mm285000 N325000 N
21315 E75.000 mm160.000 mm37 mm285000 N325000 N
21316 E80.000 mm170.000 mm39 mm325000 N375000 N
21317 E85.000 mm180.000 mm41 mm325000 N375000 N
21318 E90.000 mm190.000 mm43 mm380000 N450000 N
21319 E95.000 mm200.000 mm45 mm425000 N490000 N
21320 E100.000 mm215 mm47 mm425000 N

22205 E
25 mm52.000 mm18 mm49000 N44000 N
22206/W3330 mm62 mm20 mm57000 N52000 N
22207/W3335 mm72 mm23 mm76500 N73500 N
22208 E40 mm80.000 mm23 mm102000 N98000 N
22209/W3345 mm85.000 mm23 mm90000 N88000 N
22210/W3350 mm90 mm23 mm96500 N100000 N
22211 E55 mm100 mm25 mm134000 N137000 N
22212 E60 mm110.000 mm28 mm163000 N173000 N
22213 E65.000 mm120 mm31 mm193000 N216000 N
22214 E70.000 mm125.000 mm31 mm208000 N228000 N
22215 E75.000 mm130.000 mm31 mm212000 N240000 N
22216 E80.000 mm140.000 mm33 mm236000 N270000 N
22217/W3385.000 mm150.000 mm36 mm245000 N270000 N
22218/W3390.000 mm160.000 mm40 mm290000 N340000 N
22219/W3395.000 mm170.000 mm43 mm320000 N375000 N
22220/W33100.000 mm180.000 mm46 mm360000 N415000 N
22222/W33110.000 mm200.000 mm53 mm465000 N560000 N
22224/W33120.000 mm215 mm58 mm540000 N670000 N
22226/W33130 mm230 mm64 mm630000 N800000 N
22228/W33140 mm250 mm68 mm710000 N900000 N
22230/W33150 mm270 mm73 mm850000 N1080000 N
22232/W33160 mm290 mm80 mm10000000 N1290000 N
22234/W33170 mm310 mm86 mm1120000 N1460000 N
22236/W33180 mm320 mm86 mm1180000 N1560000 N
22238/W33190 mm340 mm92 mm1270000 N1700000 N
22240/W33200 mm360 mm98 mm1460000 N1930000 N
22244/W33220 mm400 mm108 mm1760000 N2360000 N
22248/W33240 mm440 mm120 mm1910000 N3000000 N
22252 CAC/W33260 mm480 mm130 mm2300000 N3550000 N
22256 CAC/W33280 mm500 mm130 mm2350000 N3750000 N
22308 E40 mm90 mm33 mm150000 N137000 N
22309 E45 mm100 mm36 mm183000 N183000 N
22310 E50 mm110.000 mm40 mm220000 N224000 N
22311 E55 mm120 mm43 mm270000 N280000 N
22312 E60 mm130.000 mm46 mm310000 N335000 N
22313 E65.000 mm140.000 mm48 mm340000 N360000 N
22314 W3370.000 mm150.000 mm51 mm355000 N380000 N
22315 W3375.000 mm160.000 mm55 mm400000 N430000 N
22316 W3380.000 mm170.000 mm58 mm430000 N455000 N
22317 W3385.000 mm180.000 mm60 mm480000 N520000 N
22318 W3390.000 mm190.000 mm64 mm550000 N610000 N
22319 W3395.000 mm200.000 mm67 mm600000 N670000 N
22320 W33100.000 mm215 mm73 mm710000 N800000 N
22322 W33110.000 mm240 mm80 mm830000 N965000 N
22324 W33120.000 mm260 mm86 mm965000 N1120000 N
22326 W33130 mm280 mm93 mm1120000 N1320000 N
22328 W33140 mm300 mm102 mm1290000 N1560000 N
22330 W33150 mm320 mm108 mm1460000 N1760000 N
22332 W33160 mm340 mm114 mm1600000 N1960000 N
22334 W33170 mm360 mm120 mm1760000 N2160000 N
22336 W33180 mm380 mm126 mm2000000 N2450000 N
22338 W33190 mm400 mm132 mm2120000 N2650000 N
22340 W33200 mm420 mm138 mm2320000 N2900000 N
22344 W33220 mm460 mm145 mm2350000 N3450000 N
22348 W33240 mm500 mm155 mm2670000 N4000000 N
22352 W33260 mm540 mm165 mm3050000 N4550000 N
22356 W33280 mm580 mm175 mm3450000 N5200000 N
22380 CA/W33400 mm820 mm243 mm6560000 N10400000 N
23022 W33110.000 mm170.000 mm45 mm267000 N440000 N
23024 W33120.000 mm180.000 mm46 mm350000 N510000 N
23026 W33130 mm200.000 mm52 mm465000 N610000 N
23028 W33140 mm210 mm53 mm465000 N680000 N
23030 W33150 mm225 mm56 mm510000 N750000 N
23032 W33160 mm240 mm60 mm585000 N880000 N
23034 W33170 mm260 mm67 mm710000 N1060000 N
23036 W33180 mm280 mm74 mm830000 N1250000 N
23038 W33190 mm290 mm75 mm865000 N1340000 N
23040 W33200 mm310 mm82 mm1000000 N1530000 N
23044 W33220 mm340 mm90 mm1220000 N1860000 N
23048 W33240 mm360 mm92 mm1290000 N2080000 N
23052 W33260 mm400 mm104 mm1600000 N2550000 N
23056 W33280 mm420 mm106 mm1730000 N2850000 N
23060 W33280 mm460 mm118 mm2120000 N3450000 N
23064 W33320 mm480 mm121 mm2240000 N3800000 N
23068 W33340 mm520 mm133 mm2700000 N4550000 N
23072 W33360 mm540 mm134 mm2750000 N4800000 N
23076 W33380 mm560 mm135 mm2850000 N5000000 N
23080 CAC/W33400 mm600 mm148 mm3250000 N5700000 N
23084 CA/W33420 mm620 mm150 mm2990000 N6000000 N
23088 CA/W33440 mm650 mm157 mm3220000 N6550000 N
23092 CA/W33460 mm680 mm163 mm3450000 N6950000 N
23096 CA/W33480 mm700 mm165 mm3340000 N6800000 N
230/500 CA/W33500 mm720 mm167 mm3680000 N7800000 N
230/530 CA/W33530 mm780 mm185 mm4370000 N9300000 N
230/550 CA/W33560 mm820 mm195 mm4890000 N10200000 N
230/600 CA/W33600 mm870 mm200 mm5230000 N11400000 N
230/630 CA/W33630 mm920 mm212 mm5750000 N12500000 N
230/670 CA/W33670 mm980 mm230 mm6560000 N14600000 N
23120 W33100.000 mm165.000 mm52 mm365000 N490000 N
23122 W33110.000 mm180.000 mm56 mm430000 N585000 N
23124 W33120.000 mm200.000 mm62 mm510000 N695000 N
23126 W33130 mm210 mm64 mm560000 N780000 N
23128 W33140 mm225 mm68 mm630000 N900000 N
23130 W33150 mm250 mm80 mm725000 N1200000 N
23132 W33160 mm270 mm86 mm845000 N1370000 N
23134 W33170 mm280 mm88 mm897000 N1500000 N
23136 W33180 mm300 mm96 mm1050000 N1760000 N
23138 W33190 mm320 mm104 mm1400000 N2080000 N
23140 W33200 mm340 mm112 mm1600000 N2360000 N
23144 W33220 mm370 mm120 mm1800000 N2750000 N
23148 W33240 mm400 mm128 mm2080000 N3200000 N
23152 W33260 mm440 mm144 mm2550000 N3900000 N
23156 W33280 mm460 mm146 mm2650000 N4250000 N
23160 W33300 mm500 mm160 mm3200000 N5100000 N
23164 W33320 mm540 mm176 mm3750000 N6000000 N
23168 W33340 mm580 mm190 mm4250000 N6800000 N
23172 CAC/W33360 mm600 mm192 mm4300000 N6950000 N
23176 CA/W33380 mm620 mm194 mm3740000 N7100000 N
23180 CA/W33400 mm650 mm200 mm4080000 N7650000 N
23184 CJ/W33420 mm700 mm224 mm4890000 N9300000 N
23188 CA/W33440 mm720 mm226 mm5180000 N10000000 N
23192 CA/W33460 mm760 mm240 mm5640000 N10800000 N
23196 CA/W33480 mm790 mm248 mm6100000 N12000000 N
231/500 CA/W33500 mm830 mm264 mm6730000 N12900000 N
231/530 CA/W33530 mm870 mm272 mm7130000 N14000000 N
231/560 CA/W33560 mm920 mm280 mm7990000 N16000000 N
231/600 CA/W33600 mm980 mm300 mm8970000 N18000000 N
231/630 CA/W33630 mm1030 mm315 mm10500000 N20800000 N
23218 W3390.000 mm160.000 mm52.4 mm311000 N440000 N
23220 W33100.000 mm180.000 mm60.3 mm475000 N600000 N
23222 W33110.000 mm200.000 mm69.8 mm6000000 N765000 N
23224 W33120.000 mm215 mm76 mm695000 N930000 N
23226 W33130 mm230 mm80 mm780000 N1060000 N
23228 W33140 mm250 mm88 mm915000 N1250000 N
23230 W33150 mm270 mm96 mm937000 N1460000 N
23232 W33160 mm290 mm104 mm1070000 N1660000 N
23234 W33170 mm310 mm110 mm1220000 N1930000 N
23236 W33180 mm320 mm112 mm1290000 N2120000 N
23238 W33190 mm340 mm120 mm1460000 N2400000 N
23240 W33200 mm360 mm128 mm1860000 N2700000 N
23244 W33220 mm400 mm144 mm2360000 N3450000 N
23248 W33240 mm440 mm160 mm2530000 N4300000 N
23252 CAC/W33260 mm480 mm174 mm2820000 N4750000 N
23256 CAC/W33280 mm500 mm176 mm2820000 N4900000 N
23260 CAC/W33280 mm540 mm192 mm3340000 N5850000 N
23264 CAC/W33320 mm580 mm208 mm3850000 N6700000 N
23268 CA/W33340 mm620 mm224 mm4660000 N8300000 N
23272 CA/W33360 mm650 mm232 mm4660000 N8300000 N
23276 CA/W33380 mm680 mm240 mm5060000 N9150000 N
23280 CA/W33400 mm720 mm256 mm5750000 N10400000 N
23284 CA/W33420 mm760 mm272 mm6330000 N11600000 N
23288 CA/W33440 mm790 mm280 mm6730000 N12500000 N
23292 CA/W33460 mm830 mm296 mm7360000 N13700000 N
23296 CA/W33480 mm870 mm310 mm8170000 N15000000 N
232/500 CA/W33500 mm920 mm336 mm9370000 N17300000 N
232/530 CA/W33530 mm980 mm355 mm11100000 N20400000 N
232/560 CA/W33560 mm1030 mm365 mm11500000 N22000000 N
232/600 CA/W33600 mm1090 mm388 mm13100000 N25500000 N
23926 AC/W33130 mm180.000 mm37 mm202000 N360000 N
23932 AC/W33160 mm220 mm45 mm299000 N570000 N
23936 W33180 mm250 mm52 mm431000 N830000 N
23938 W33190 mm260 mm52 mm414000 N800000 N
23940 W33200 mm280 mm60 mm546000 N1040000 N
23944 W33220 mm300 mm60 mm546000 N1060000 N
23948 W33240 mm320 mm60 mm564000 N1160000 N
23952 W33260 mm360 mm75 mm880000 N1800000 N
23956 W33280 mm380 mm75 mm845000 N1760000 N
23960 W33280 mm420 mm90 mm1200000 N2500000 N
23964 AC/W33320 mm440 mm90 mm1240000 N2700000 N
23968 W33340 mm460 mm90 mm1270000 N2800000 N
23972 W33360 mm480 mm90 mm1220000 N2750000 N
23976 W33380 mm520 mm106 mm1730000 N3800000 N
23980 AC/W33400 mm540 mm106 mm1730000 N3900000 N
23984 AC/W33420 mm560 mm106 mm1760000 N4150000 N
23988 AC/W33440 mm600 mm118 mm2100000 N4900000 N
23992 A/W33460 mm620 mm118 mm2190000 N5000000 N
23996 A/W33480 mm650 mm128 mm2530000 N5700000 N
239/500 A/W33500 mm670 mm128 mm2530000 N6000000 N
239/530 A/W33530 mm710 mm136 mm2820000 N6700000 N
239/560 A/W33560 mm750 mm140 mm3050000 N7200000 N
239/600 A/W33600 mm800 mm150 mm3450000 N8300000 N
239/630 A/W33630 mm850 mm165 mm3970000 N9800000 N
239/670 A/W33670 mm900 mm170 mm4370000 N10800000 N
239/710 A/W33710 mm950 mm180 mm4770000 N12000000 N
239/750 A/W33750 mm1000 mm185 mm5180000 N13200000 N
239/800 A/W33800 mm1060 mm195 mm5640000 N14300000 N
239/850 A/W33850 mm1120 mm200 mm5980000 N15600000 N
239/900 A/W33900 mm1180 mm206 mm6440000 N17000000 N
24015 W/3375.000 mm115.000 mm40 mm152000 N232000 N
24020 W/33100.000 mm150.000 mm50 mm248000 N415000 N
24024 W/33120.000 mm180.000 mm60 mm374000 N670000 N
24026 W/33130 mm200.000 mm69 mm477000 N815000 N
24028 W/33140 mm210 mm69 mm495000 N900000 N
24030 W/33150 mm225 mm75 mm564000 N1040000 N
24032 W/33160 mm240 mm80 mm656000 N1200000 N
24034 W/33170 mm260 mm90 mm799000 N1460000 N
24036 W/33180 mm280 mm100 mm937000 N1730000 N
24038 W/33190 mm290 mm100 mm978000 N1800000 N
24040 W/33200 mm310 mm109 mm1130000 N2120000 N
24044 W/33220 mm340 mm118 mm1360000 N2600000 N
24048 W/33240 mm360 mm118 mm1380000 N2700000 N
24052 W/33260 mm400 mm140 mm1760000 N3450000 N
24056 W/33280 mm420 mm140 mm187000 N3800000 N
24060 W/33280 mm460 mm160 mm2350000 N4750000 N
24064 W/33320 mm480 mm160 mm2480000 N5100000 N
24068 W/33340 mm520 mm180 mm2990000 N6200000 N
24072 W/33360 mm540 mm180 mm3110000 N6550000 N
24076 W/33380 mm580 mm180 mm3160000 N6800000 N
24080 EAC/W/33400 mm600 mm200 mm3740000 N8000000 N
24084 EA/W/33420 mm620 mm200 mm3850000 N8300000 N
24088 EA/W/33440 mm650 mm212 mm4140000 N9150000 N
24092 EA/W/33460 mm680 mm218 mm4490000 N10000000 N
24096 EA/W/33480 mm700 mm218 mm4600000 N10400000 N