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Sugar Industry

Sugar plant- Universal Trading Co

Universal Trading Company is one of the leading provider of industrial equipment and solutions in Pakistan. Sugar industry is one of the main user of our products and services. We are proudly serving sugar sector since 1996 and successfully managed to win hearts of many of our satisfied customers in sugar industry. We are authorized and approved Bearing dealer in Pakistan sugar mills as a prime vendor.

Pakistan is ranked 7th in the world terms of both sugar production and export and is ranked 8th in its consumption (GoP, 2019a). Since 2010-11, Pakistan consistently has surplus sugar production and has earned USD 2.3 billion through exports. However, the recent sugar crisis has highlighted the important issue of export subsidy on sugar. Before the government allowed the export of sugar in December of 2018, the retail price of sugar was Rs 55. It started to increase thereafter. The export subsidy was granted at the rate of Rs 5.35/kg amounting to Rs 2.47 billion which boosted up the sugar export.

Currently Pakistan have more than 100 sugar mills in three provinces Punjab, Sindh and Khayber Pakhtun Khuwan. There accumulated production in tons are approximately 5.7 Million and sugar cane crushed numbers are more than 15 million.

Our main sugar sector products are

1. Bearings

2. Conveyor Belts

3. Grease and Lubrications

4. Power Generation

5. V Belts

6. Heavy Duty Motors

7. Power and Hand tools

Universal Trading Company deals in large variety of top quality Bearings in various brands. Our supplied products specially bearings never got replaced during 4 months high pressure season of sugar manufacturing. We can provide NTN bearing price list, FAG bearing price list and SKF bearing price list to our trusted buyers. We are mostly recognized as prime bearing dealers in Karachi but we also have strong cliental of bearings in Lahore too.

In Bearings we supplied following brands in sugar mills according to their usage and applications.

1. SKF Bearings

2. FAG Bearings

3. KOYO Bearings

4. UT Bearings

5. NKE Bearings

We supply wide range of bearing types

1. Deep Groove Ball Bearings

2. Spherical Roller Bearings

3. Angular Contact Bearings

4. Taper Roller Bearings

5. Needle Roller Bearings

6. Linear Motion Bearings

7. High Precision Bearings

8. Cylindrical Roller Bearings

9. Rod End Bearings

10. Cam Follower Bearings

11. Thrust Ball and Roller Bearings

12. Double Row Ball Bearings

13. Insert Ball Bearings

14. Bearing Housing

15. Adapter Sleeve

Our hot selling bearing products in Sugar industry are as follows

Ball Bearing No, 625 ZZ                                SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6006 ZZ                                  SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6008 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6200 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6201 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6202 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6203 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6204 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6205 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6206 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6207 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6208 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6209 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6210 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6211 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6212 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No. 6213 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No. 6215 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6201 ZZ NRSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6202 ZZ NRSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6305 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6306 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6307 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6308 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6309 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6310 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6310 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6311 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6311 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6312 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6312 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6313 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6313 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6314 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6314 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6315 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6315 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6316 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6316 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 6317 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6319 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6319 ZZSKF
Ball Bearing No, 7317 AMFAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No, NU-317FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No, NU-320FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6005 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6006 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6009 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6012 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6017 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6018 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6024 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6020 NRFAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6202 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6203 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6204 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6205 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6207 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6209 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6210 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6213 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6217 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6210 NRFAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6300 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6301 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6302 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6303 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6304 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6305 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6306 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6307 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No, 6309 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6307 NRFAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6404 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6405 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6407 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6409 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 6411 C3FAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 7307 BEPFAG/SKF
Ball Bearing No. 7313 BFAG/SKF
Double Ball Baering No. 2309 EFAG/SKF
Double Ball Bearing No. 1216 EFAG/SKF
Double Ball Bearing No. 1213 EFAG/SKF
Double Ball Bearing No. 2213 EFAG/SKF
Thrust Ball Bearing No. QJ-215 N2MA/C4B20  SKF
Thurst Ball Bearing No. 51215FAG/SKF
Thrust Ball Bearing No. 51224FAG/SKF
Thrust Ball Bearing No. 51316FAG/SKF
Thrust Ball Bearing No. 51322FAG/SKF
Thrust Ball Bearing No. 51324FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NJ-303 ECPFAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No, NU-324FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NU-413FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NJ-210FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NJ-2307FAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NU-2210 ECPFAG/SKF
Single Roller Bearing No. NU-2215 ECJ/C3  SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 21314 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22212 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22215 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22218 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22220 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22222 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22226 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22316 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22216 EFAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22211 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22217 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22218 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22219 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22220 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22222 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22224 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22228 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 22232 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 23148 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 23222 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 23226 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 23228 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Double Roller Bearing No. 23238 CCK/W33FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30205FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30308 (7308)FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30309 (7309)FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30310 (7310)FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30214FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 1931/1986 4TFAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30207FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30208FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 30219FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 32210FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 32213FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 31318FAG/SKF
Taper Roller Bearing No. 32215FAG/SKF
Universal Bearing UC-209FAG/SKF
Universal Bearing UC-210FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCF-205FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCF-208FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCF-209 (FY 45 TF)FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCP-208 (SY 40 TF)FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCP-210 (SY 50 TF)FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCF-210 JFAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCP-213 (SY 65 TF)FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCP-214 (SYJ 70 TF)FAG/SKF
Pullered Bearing UCF-213FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-308FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-320FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-322FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-2322FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-2338FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-3040FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-3132FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-3124FAG/SKF
Bearing Sleave H-3128FAG/SKF
Plummer Block T-213 J UniversalFAG/SKF
Plummer Block SNL 516-613FAG/SKF
Plummer Block SNL 520-617FAG/SKF
Plummer Block SNL-522-619FAG/SKF
Plummer Block SD-3140FAG/SKF

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